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Supplier of Powermoon® products for the United Kingdom

Anti Dazzle Outdoor Lighting Mission Statement

At Powermoon® we believe we have an Outdoor Industrial lighting product superior to other exterior lighting or flood lighting systems available on the market. We believe with the quality of our lighting products & our service we can provide the best value for money when it comes to portable Outdoor Industrial lighting.
The Powermoon® is an industrial lighting solution which has become widely adopted in mainland Europe, Japan, Australasia, USA & South East Asia within only the last few years. We are proud to bring the Powermoon® industrial lighting system to the United Kingdom.
We believe we provide a portable intustrial outdoor lighting product that is:
Wherever there is the need for temporary high quality Outdoor Industrial lighting, you'll find a suitable Powermoon® for your needs. In fact, whether you're in rail or road, construction or maintenance, hosting a festival or sporting event, illuminating an Olympic Stadium or simply wanting to illuminate a car park there is an affordable Powermoon® for you.
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Energy Efficient Lighting | HID Lighting (High Intensity Discharge)

Half your industrial lighting energy costs
The Powermoon® lighting system uses either HID Lighting or Tungsten Halogen lamps. Our HQI lighting & HMI lighting solutions, which use HID Lighting technology, produce 5 times more light than traditional Tungsten Halogen floodlights of the same power rating.
Energy efficient lighting not only helps reduce your operational costs, but is also eco-friendly which allows you to participate in helping the environment.
Our Discount Lighting is Value for Money
Our Tungsten Halogen 'Start' (2000W) product is priced at a market competitive rate for other similar products.
The Metal Halide 'Piccolo' (400W) - our lowest wattage Powermoon® at a similar price to Powermoon start produces the same amount of light (lumens) for only 20% of the power.
See our Industrial Lighting Fixtures Chart for more information on our range of portable Outdoor Industrial lighting fixtures. trade Forex

Powermoon® Outdoor Industrial Lighting Features

Outdoor Industrial Lighting Balloon
Its unique light-permeable diffusion-balloon helps reduce shadows making for an easier & safer working environment. Looking directly at the balloon will not temporarily blind you like with other exterior lighting systems.
Portable Lighting Design is Compact & Robust
The compact construction reduces storage space and makes transportation easy. The light aluminium carrying-case keeps the Powermoon® secure for all handling conditions.
Quick & Easy Illumination
4 Powermoons, easily stored in trunk of an estate car, could illuminate an entire football field within a setup time of 15 to 20 minutes.
These features along with the highly energy efficicient lighting of the Powermoon® HQI lamps & HMI Lamps are quickly transforming this portable Outdoor Industrial lighting solution into a market leader.
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