How To Make Your Word file “slim”

We’ll discuss a few work that is linked to a own office. Can you encounter these situation? The email can’t be send outside cause, although you need to send a message using a Word document attachment. For making the document thin, and efforts are wasted by also you also. It is possible to try out.

Inch. Save

In Menu, then choose”File > Save “, and then save the document with a fresh name. You can compare one that is initial and the record; you may realize that fresh one’s filesize is smaller.

You might work this manner. Choose the content of this file, paste and copy it and store it. You may that document size of just 2 records differs.

  1. Delete older variants

The quality is going to be larger Whether there are old versions kept from the document. In Menu, then choose”Document > Model”, check to determine whether there’s any older version stored. Those models can be deleted by you without a value.

  1. Insert image sensibly

“Add Picture” is among the principal reasons for your word document capture fat. Attempt to add a picture that is bigger. You are able to use editor to lessen how big picture in to the document until add. The document format don’t use those picture BMP and needs to use JPG or GIF.


“Embed True Type Font” increase the total size of file. Concur your word document don’t have any real type font, and then cancel the”Embed True Type Font” option.

Try out the four techniques that are above, you are going to realize your word document.

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